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May 02 2014

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Death Wish 3
C64 Game Cover 1986

"Death Wish 3 was made into a video game by Gremlin Graphics for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, MSX and Amstrad CPC. In the game, the player controls Paul Kersey in the streets and buildings in a free-roaming, all-out gunfight with gangsters. It was one of the goriest games of its time, featuring multiple weapons with detailed, different damage patterns and the possibility to kill civilians."

Death Wish III wurde in Deutschland Indiziert 31.12.1987 (244/198)
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Fast Hack'em Ad 1986

Fast Hack'em was a Commodore 64 nibbler and disk editor written by Mike J. Henry and released in 1985.

The most popular feature of Fast Hack'em was its ability to produce copies of copy-protected commercial software. When using the nibbler, disk copying was done on a very low level, bit-by-bit rather than using standard Commodore DOS commands. This effectively nullified the efficacy of deliberate disk errors, non-standard track layouts, and related forms of copy prevention. Copying a protected disk took approximately 60 seconds if being copied directly to another disk drive, or 3 minutes (plus several disk swaps) if performed using a single disk drive.
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February 19 2014

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C64 Game Tape Cover - 1985

Ballblazer's theme music, called "Song of the Grid" and heard between matches, was algorithmically generated, a technique designed by Lucasfilm Games team leader Peter Langston and called "riffology". The lead melody is assembled from a predefined set of 32 eight-note melody fragments, or riffs, which are put together randomly by an algorithm that also makes choices on several parameters including "how fast to play the riff, how loud to play it, when to omit or elide notes, when to insert a rhythmic break". The melody is accompanied by bassline, drums and chords, which are also assembled on the fly by a simplified version of the above approach. In effect the music plays forever, without repeating itself but without straying too far from the original theme. Langston, an experienced jazz, rock, and folk musician, said of Ballblazer's music: "One reviewer, an eminent jazz player Pat Metheny, said it sounded like John Coltrane did it. I think that's my best compliment so far."

-->C64 Sample here<--
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January 22 2014

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RobotArm for C64
Easily Controlled Via 2 Joysticks
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Ghosts'n Goblins
C64 Game Cover 1986
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Crack Down
C64 Game Cover 1990
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C64 Game Cover 1987

January 19 2014

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Judge Dredd
C64 Game Cover 1991
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10 Megabyte Harddisk 1495.00 $
Prices were high these days.
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Little Computer People
C64 Game Cover 1985

'Will Wright, designer of The Sims, has mentioned playing Little Computer People, and receiving valuable feedback on The Sims from its designer, Rich Gold.'
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The Hobbit Game Front Cover 1982
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December 20 2013

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SpeedDOS Plus - Handbuch

SpeedDOS ist ein recht bekannter Schnelllader für den C64, VC-20, CBM 8032SK und für die Floppy VC-1541.

SpeedDOS ist ein hardwarebasierter Schnelllader und muss in den C64 bzw. VC-1541 fest eingebaut werden. Die Diskettenstation wird zusätzlich mit Hilfe eines speziellen parallelen Flachbandkabels mit dem C64 verbunden. Nur über diese Verbindung funktioniert die schnellere SpeedDOS-Routine. Die Platinen sind so ausgelegt, dass sie in entsprechenden Sockel von vorhandenen EPROMs gesteckt werden können. Bei neueren Varianten des C64 und der VC-1541 müssen die ungesockelten EPROMs ausgelötet und durch entsprechende EPROM-Sockel ersetzt werden.
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Voice Command
Ad ~1985/86
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With 1200 Baud Speed!
Volksmodem 12

Ad ~1985/86

December 13 2013

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Commodore Credit Card Brochure
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Commodore Credit Card Application
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C-1530 Datasette
Commodore Brochure 1983
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December 03 2013

Excellent C64 808 Mod!
I'll take two please!
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Now what?

C64 Game Advert 1985
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